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Purchase to Sell Fundraising


Beef up your funds with Triple T’s Beef Stick Fundraiser!


FundraisingOur beef stick fundraiser provides a healthy alternative to cookies and candy traditionally sold for fundraising. Our stick is a 1oz link made of 100% beef and is low in calories and high in protein.

Our beef stick fundraiser also provides your group with marketing value. Increase the awareness of your group within your community by personalizing your beef stick label.

Triple T's beef stick fundraising program is a prime example of the Heikens' continued effort to produce innovative and wholesome products to service and benefit Iowa agriculture, economy and employment. In the 15 years that I have known the Heikens, I have never met another small Iowa business owner that is more energetic or motivated to produce the best products that they know how to put out in the meat and poultry industry."


Mike Mamminga, Retired Bureau Chief of Meat & Poultry Inspection of the Iowa Department of Agriculture


Our Beef Stick Fundraising Benefits:

  • Nutritious with only 60 calories and 5 grams of protein per 1oz stick (Click HERE for full nutrition information)
  • No refrigeration requirements and a 12 month shelf-life
  • Free easy to carry case for each selling person that also transforms into a counter display, great for concession stands!
  • Personalized customer service with hassle free ordering, free delivery provided by Fareway Stores, Inc. to your local Fareway store and helpful fundraising resources at:
  • Low costs to your supporting customers and high profits for you, you will earn 50% profit from each stick sold!
  • FREE label personalization with a minimum order of 1,000 beef sticks

How Our Beef Stick Fundraiser Works:

  • You will work with a Triple T representative to decide what method of selling will work best for your organization, pre-sell or purchase to sell options are available. (We require a 500 beef stick minimum order) 
    Click HERE to download and print pre-sell beef stick fundraising order forms
  • In a short 14 days after your order has been placed, your representative will contact you to make delivery arrangements to your local Fareway Store. (Personalized beef sticks are available 14 days after the artwork for the label has been approved)
  • Your representative will contact you to ensure your satisfaction and to assist you in your fundraising efforts.